1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus

1st week in Lohja escaping coronavirus is over. Actually the week went really fast as I had quite much to do because of my work. Besides my work I have had nice walks during the day around the cottage early in the morning, sometimes during lunch time and also after the work. And of course my camera with me.

I live in Espoo, but have a second home in Lohja where I usually spend my free time. I arrived here 8th of March as I had couple of days vacation. On Friday 10th of March the Coronavirus status changed and government recommended people to stay and work at home if possible.

As I have the possibility to work remote, I decided to stay in Lohja. Reason for staying here is that the cottage is located in a peaceful area where I am surrounded by animals, beautiful landscape and birds, but no people. And the hospital is only 3-4 kilometers away from my cottage, so there is medical help available in case that is needed.

My week in Lohja with some pictures:

16th of March

16.3. Finland closes schools, declares state of emergency over coronavirus
16.3. THL director: Number of corona cases in Finland may be 20-30 times higher than official count

1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, birch grove
16.3.2020 at 16.37, birch grove
ISO 125, 70 mm, f/9, 1/320 sec
1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, a squirrel
16.3.2020 at 16.45, a squirrel in the yard
ISO 2500, 200 mm, f/2.8, 1/2000 sec

17th of March

17.3. Analysis: Coronavirus could put 6,000 in hospital
17.3. Coronavirus ordeal to last into summer at least, expert says
17.3. Etla: Coronavirus could shrink Finnish economy up to 5%
17.3. Tuesday’s papers: Finland shuts down

1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, frost
17.3.2020 at 7.15 – frost, minus degrees
ISO 125, 200 mm, f/4, 1/250 sec
1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, Goose migration
17.3.2020 at 7.53, Goose migration
ISO 1600, 200 mm, f/6.3, 1/8000 sec

19th of March

19.3. “My social life is 100% gone”: Sheltering from coronavirus in Finland

1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, Coltsfoot
19.3.2020 at 12.51, Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)
ISO 1250, 200 mm, f/5, 1/4000 sec
1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, White-tailed Eagle
19.3.2020 13.05, young White-tailed Eagle
ISO 100, 200 mm, f/2.8, 1/2500 sec
1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, sunset in Lohjanjärvi
19.3.2020 at 18.33, sunset in Lohjanjärvi
ISO 200, 24 mm, f/5, 1/80 sec

20th of March

20.3. Multiple coronavirus cases linked to Lapland, ski resorts to close next week
20.3. President Niinistö urges elderly to socially distance themselves
20.3. Finland announces €15bn support package to prop up economy

21st of March

21.3. THL confirms first coronavirus death in Finland
21.3. Good news: Less traffic improves Finland’s air quality;

1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, sunrise in Lohjanjärvi
21.3.2020 at 6.23, sunrise in Lohjanjärvi, the lake is frozen
ISO 100, 24 mm, f/5, 1/20 sec
1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, White-tailed Eagle
21.3.2020 at 11.00, White-tailed Eagle
ISO 100, 200mm, f/8, 1/250 sec
1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus, Kopparnäs, Viper
21.3.2020 at 13.51, Viper Kopparnäs
ISO 100, 98 mm, f/16, 1/30 sec

During one week the news regarding coronavirus has developed from closing schools to the first death in Finland. You can read more from the coronavirus epidemia in Finland HERE.

All in all, the epidemic situation is developing in Finland, spring is coming and I am going to stay in my cottage together with my fiancé and two Norwegian cats. I am going out, but staying around the cottage.

7 replies to “1st week in Lohja, escaping coronavirus

  1. Hello Minna.

    Excellent report of your daily routines and Coronavirus. Thank you. My favorite photo was the photo of squirrel. Others are excellent also. You are lucky when you have a second home. We live nearby forest paths, so walking in the pure nature is not problem, but in this situation, it is not recommendable.

    Authorities have informed about Coronavirus actively daily. The only thing that angered me and many others, was that they called over 70 years old – old people (vanhukset).Apparently the got huge feedback, because in few days this corrected this to senior citizens (70+). The Finnish word “vanhukset” is derogatory. It seemed that they did not read what Kotus.fi says about the word “vanhukset”. Nowadays senior citizens are active people who have many hobbies, they are healthy and they are in good shape, are not fat. Many visit gyms etc. This is valid for my family also. We are healthy, no diseases, no medicaments, we use our brains daily to develop us, for example language learning. I continue to reread my 1500 French books and continue translating my posts to four languages. My wife learns Italian and she knows English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Swedish and some Russian. I know those also except Russian. Before Coronavirus, we walked in a month between 100 and 160 kilometers. Now it is not possible as recommended. Sigh! Now we walk the minimum, mostly for shopping.

    BTW, did you read yesterday that in Oulu young people continued to play football. Sigh! Happily, authorities are aware this. If you want to actively get newest news, I suggest you to load the app called High.fi to your phone.

    Stay healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Matti, I am glad that you liked my post. I am also happy to be in here in Lohja where nature is surrounding the house and I can escape to the forest or walk on the field. I can escape the virus news at least for a second when I step out.

      I understand that you are angry about the word vanhukset used for over 70 years old. My mother is 75 and I don´t think her as vanhus. She is really active and lives normal life with her husband in Turku.

      Your wife speaks nine languages!! That is a lot. Congratulations for both of you as you are so talented with languages. I can speak only English and Swedish. I have studied also Germany and some French, but I don´t use them at all.

      Thank you for your hint regarding High.fi. I will check that tomorrow! Let´s see what will be the decision regarding the restaurants…

      Stay healthy too!

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  2. Hei MInna.

    Kirjoitan suomeksi pikaraportin viikoittaiselta kauppareissulta.

    Kylä suomaalaiset ovat paksukalloista väkeä. Kaupassa: Muuan ostaja näpösteli paljain käsin tomaatteja kokeillen, onko tämä kypsä, ei ollut seuraava tomaatti jne. Sama juttu päärynöiden kohdalla, neljäs oli ilmeisesti kypsä ostettavaksi. Nuori äiti antoi taaperon hypistellä kaikkia tavaroita käden ulottuvilla – ei kummallakaan ollut käsineitä. Erilaisten käsineiden käyttö oli lisääntynyt huomattavasti.

    Suomessa on yksi ryhmä ihmisiä, joita ei koske Koronavirus. Rakennusmiehet! Kadun toisella puolella rakennetaan taloa. Ei tietokaan etäisyyttä missään tapauksissa. Kauppaan n. 300 metriä mennään melkein käsikynkkää työvaatteet päällä. Ilmeisesti ajatellaan, että eihän suojatyövaatteissa ole mitään työpölyä tai muuta vastaavaa! Odotan viikkoraporttiasi luettavaksi jälleen.


    1. Hei Matti, ihmiset eivät ymmärrä että tälle virukselle ei ole tällä hetkellä rokotetta ja sen saatuaan voi jopa kuolla. Ei tarvitse kuin uutiset katsoa niin pääsee perille sen tuhoista.

      Onpa järkyttävää kuulla tuosta hypistelystä. Hyvä että kerroit! En kyllä osta enää mitään mikä ei ole pakattu…

      Kaikesta huolimatta hyvää viikonloppua ja pysykää terveinä!
      T. Minna

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