Spring flowers give positive energy

Spring flowers give positive energy, especially for these restricted days we are still living due to the Corona virus. I have enjoyed walking in the nature and was delighted to see first glimmer of yellow color in the otherwise brown land. The first bright yellow flower had appeared and it was Colsfoot. Soon after that Hepatica nobilis and White anemone followed.

Coltsfoot, Tussilago fanfare (Leskenlehti)

Coltsfootf is one of the first plants in spring. The bright yellow flower buds shine in the heads, even if the landscape around is still quite gray and snowy. Coltsfoots buds are already developing previous autumn and warm sun rays wake the buds. Yellow oases in the brown field attract insects like Common brimstone (sitruunaperhonen) to dine.

With its early flowering, the Coltsfoot tends to avoid competition with other plants and ensure its own pollination. In Finland last winter was mild except in the North Finland. In March a few warm days got the Coltsfoot bloom. In Finnish Coltsfoot is Leskenlehti; lesken = widow, lehti = leaf. Reason for this sad name is that the large leaves of the plant develop later in the summer.

Coltsfoot 19.3.2020 (ISO 1250, 200 mm, f/5, 1/4000 sec)
Coltsfoot 25.3.2020 (ISO 100, 200 mm, f/7.1, 1/320 sec)

Hepatica nobilis (Sinivuokko)

The blue flower opens on the southern slopes early in the spring. The plant is able to start flowering early, as it grows its buds already in the fall like Coltsfoot. Leaves remain evergreen throughout the winter.

Hepatica nobilis 15.4.2020 (ISO 100, 200 mm, f/2.8, 1/640 sec)

Before modern garden and flower shops, Hepatica nobilis was a sought-after commodity in markets. Indeed, the current occurrence of many species is result of human transplants. Hepatica nobilis is not able to vegetatively expand its area. Naturally, the species is propagated only by seeds which ants transport from one place to another. One plant can produce up to a dozen thousand over the long life of the plant, it can live up to fifty years.

In Lohja, where I spend my free time, Hepatica nobilis is widely spread. I wrote in my previous post I saw mourning cloak (suruvaippa) that in Lohja diverse nature is based on calcareous rock and soil as well as mild and long growing season. Happy to be in Lohja as the nature is absolutely one of a kind.

Hepatica nobilis is protected in Finland. It would nice to know is this flower common in your country. Please leave a comment πŸ™‚

White anemone (valkovuokko)

Uusimaa’s provincial flower White anemone is a common plant in the groves of Southern Finland. In the northern part of Finland, White anemone is rare and protected.

White anemone 2.5.2020 (ISO 100, 200 mm, f/2.8, 1/2500 sec)

White anemone is a perennial plant that propagates effectively through its long rhizome. Flowering peaks in May before the deciduous foliage has reached full cover. Like Hepatica nobilis also White anemone gets help from the ants, namely White anemone seeds contain oil that attracts ants. When ants are transporting seeds they help to spread the plant.

When I was a child I usually picked up White anemone for my mother and grandmother for Mothers day. In Finland we are celebrating Mothers day second Sunday of May and usually White anemone is blooming nicely right at that time.

By the way, do you have these plants in your country? Are they rare or not? It would be nice if have some time to leave a comment 😊

Thank you for reading my blog. Take care and be safe πŸ™πŸ»

Minna ❀️

7 replies to “Spring flowers give positive energy

  1. Nice post!
    I have wondered if the Hepatica Nobilis and white Anenome contributed in some way to the colors chosen for the Finnish flag. I have both a great fondness for these two plants and they are growing here @VanhaTaloSuomi in several places…we even have an Hepatica that flowers in a fuchsia color. Let me know if you’d like to pop over one of these days, we are in Lohja also.


    1. Thank you Kate for your reply! Nice to hear that you have Hepatica in fuchsia color, sounds very rare. May be the colors in Finnish flag are based on those two flowers. I have actually never thought about it. If I find some background for the colors, I will let you know. Thank you for inviting me to visit you. I could pop over when the corona virus situation is over.


      1. You’re more than welcome to come and wander around all by yourself. All the plants are tagged with labels which makes things pretty easy to identify. Corona is going to be with us for a very long time I’m afraid.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ed! These purple Hepatica are protected in Finland. They are quite rare. I will check your blog how do the Hepatica looks like in CanadaπŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Melody! Flowers are full of energy 😊 For me ealking in nature is really relaxing and gives energy 😊


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