Moose and horses at night

I saw both moose and horses at my way back to the cottage on Thursday night. Moose is not easy to see during daylight as they feed in the forest. When sun sets they often head to fields, as also on Thursday night.

Horses in a mist

The first stop on our way to the cottage was these beautiful horses in a mist. If you are following my blog, you may already have noticed that I am fond of misty mornings and nights (Mysterious misty lake, Misty mornings in May).

Horses in a mist at night
Two horses in a mist

Moose mum in a fireweed field

I have admired a beautiful fireweed field couple of times when driving pass it. On Thursday there was a good reason to stop and take a photo as middle in the field was standing a moose. Actually she had calf with her, but the calf was so small that I could only see its ears.

Female moose in a fireweed field
Female moose with her calf (ear can be seen in the left side of the photo)
Female moose in a fireweed field at 11 pm 14.7.2020
Female moose in a fireweed field at 11 pm 14.7.2020

On the other side of the fireweed field were two horses in a pen. I assume the russet horse is a Finnish horse.

Horses at night
Two curious horses

Moose couple crossing a road

After nice photo shooting, we continued our drive and suddenly I saw two moose approaching the road. Moose couple crossed the road and continued their way to the wheat fields. By the way, I have seen couple of years ago three moose crossing road at the same place, but luckily now I had camera with me.

Male moose in a wheat field, Siuntio Finland
Male moose grow new antlers each summer and shed them after the autumn rutting season
Moose couple in a sunset, Siuntio Finland
Moose couple on the wheat field

Where can you see Moose?

While walking in a Finnish forest you might suddenly be surprised to see or hear a Moose crashing off through the vegetation. Finland’s vast forests are home to around 100 000 Moose (also known in Europe as elks).

Moose are quite seldom seen as they shelter in dense forest during the daytime. They are easiest to spot when they venture out of the trees to graze on fields in the twilight hours around dawn and dusk (Visit Finland).

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you have enjoyed my post of moose and horses.

Minna from Finnish nature 😊

17 replies to “Moose and horses at night

  1. What stunning pictures and how lovely to see a moose with her baby. I get very excited to see such creatures. They are wonderful and the flowers also. Mist always makes for wonderful photography.
    Thank you Minna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! Next time I try to get better picture of the baby… Have a great weekend and greetings to your cats 😊


    1. Thank you Hans! First thought was that it is too dark to shoot w/o tripod. ISO to 5000 and I succeeded to get some shots 😊


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