Finnish nature

It is said that Finland is a country of thousand lakes. And that is true, we have many lakes all over the country. Lakes, forests and in larger scale nature is strong elements in Finns life.

Respect for nature

Finns respect nature and spend a lot of time in the forest. Starting at kindergarten, children start going for walks in the forest to get familiar with the different animals and plants. At the same time children are being taught to respect nature and animal life. While in the forest Finns can escape the sounds and stress of the city, at least that’s what I do.


Four seasons

In Finland we have four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. On the same day, temperature differences can be large in different parts of the country, due to the south-north longitude of Finland. Lapland still enjoys the spring-winter skiing season, while in southern Finland the first flowers of spring are already pruning their buds. In northern Finland, spring and summer begin about a month later than in the south. Similarly, autumn and winter arrive north one month earlier.

Some facts

Finland is the happiest country in the world! I wonder why: from November until March we have only couple of hours light, on the other hand during summer there is only couple of hours dark. So during winter you are tired because of the dark, during summer you are tired because you can´t sleep as it is so light. May be our happiness is based on the excellent education system or nearly free healthcare.

In Finland live 5,5 million Finns, around 1,6 million of them in the South part of the country. Finns love saunas and nearly every family have one sauna. Sauna is very traditional and inviolable place, it is used for relaxation and ablution. Traditionally in every sauna there is a sauna elf, which takes care of the good spirit in sauna. You have to behave otherwise the elf can get angry 😠.

Finland is bilingual: Finnish and Swedish are official languages. Nearly all Finns speak English as it is studied at school.

Here you can read news from Finland.

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