Black-throated loon (Kuikka) in lake Lohjanjärvi

We found Black-throated loon (kuikka) in Lohjanjärvi by accident. It was so nice to find that beautiful bird in our lake!

One Saturday morning in May we, mr H and I, drove by boat to a place where we knew Osbrey is nesting. While waiting to see that handsome bird, the sound of the Black-throated loon was heard in the bay cove. I could not believe my ears! Usually that bird lives in a barren, clear water lake, while Lohjanjärvi is rich in humus. Soon after that sound we detected the bird near our boat and I was in heaven 🙂

Here is my first Black-throated loon photo!

Black-throated loon (kuikka) Lohjanjärvi Finland
Black-throated loon (kuikka)

Lake Lohjanjärvi – some facts

Lohjanjärvi is characterized by very lush and dense beaches covered with groves. The area is rich in groves due to its calcareous soil and southern location. Several southern plant and animal species are found in the area, which do not occur elsewhere in Finland.

Lake Lohjanjärvi is the biggest lake in Southern Finland and it was once one of the bays of the Baltic Sea, until it was separated by land uplift.

Korpudden Lohjanjärvi Raasepori Finland
Korpudden lake Lohjanjärvi, Raasepori
Popular summer cottage area

Lake Lohjanjärvi has dozens of bays and about 250 islands and islets. There are almost 3 000 summer cottages and villas on the shores and islands. The lake has been a popular villa and cottage area since the 19th century.

Holmanlahti lake Lohjanjärvi, Raasepori
Fishy lake

In Lohjanjärvi you can fish pikeperch, pike, perch and vendace. Lohjanjärvi regularly hosts cast fishing, trolling and ice fishing competitions. We have catch some pikeperch, even in the last two years the fish catch has not been very good.

Fisherman in Holmanlahti lake Lohjanjärvi, Raasepori
Lifting the fishing net, Holmanlahti lake Lohjanjärvi, Raasepori

If you interested in a vacation in Lohjanjärvi you can find more info HERE.

Have a great day and take care!

Minna 😊

6 replies to “Black-throated loon (Kuikka) in lake Lohjanjärvi

  1. Awesome sighting of the loon, Minna, yay! Beautiful photos of it and the lake. My husband and I are water lovers, we’ve been boating now for 30+ years. Fun stuff, and a great way to find birds on the water and float up to shore and trees to capture birds and their nests! I’ve been doing that for years! 😃

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