FinnSheep are Northern speciality

FinnSheep are Northern speciality and sheep breed is native of Finland. Because of that uniqueness I want to introduce the FinnSheep to my readers.

I was walking on the field nearby my cottage as I had seen a hawk flying there. Hawk was too far away to be photographed but instead I found sheep grazing in the field.

Autumn forest 2020, Lohja, Finland
Autumn trees in Lohja Finland 2020

The FinnSheep are effective landscape caretaker

Traditional environments in Finland have declined over the past 50-100 years. In the past, cattle grazed on natural pasture, but now it is very limited. Fields near my cottage belong to Lohja city and nowadays nobody is taking care of them. The fields are grassed and during summer there are lots of ticks.

It was nice surprise to meet the flock of FinnSheep in one of the fields. When I approached the sheep observed me with suspicion and ran away from me. They just wanted to be at peace and continue eating grass.

FinnSheep are Northern speciality, Lohja Finland
FinnSheep are various in color

The FinnSheep are effective landscape caretaker. During couple of months the change in the landscape was enormous. Next summer there might be growing flowers and because of the flowers more butterflies, more birds etc. Hopefully the sheep return next summer!

Finnsheep are effective landscape caretakers, Lohja, Finland
FinnSheep are naturally short-tailed

The FinnSheep is native breed of Finland

The Finnsheep is the native sheep breed of Finland. Because of its special characteristics, the breed is a globally important genetic resource and Finnsheep breed has been exported to over 40 countries in five continents.

The gene pool of Finnsheep has improved the profitability of sheep farming in the world. The Finnsheep is the best-known Finnish breed globally and Finland has a national responsibility to conserve this multi-purpose breed.

FinnSheep posing, Lohja, Finland
Second time I was visiting the sheep I got this pose

History of FinnSheep

The sheep has belonged to the Finnish domestic fauna at least since the Bronze Age. These oldest sheep stocks once brought to Finland are most likely the ancestors of the native sheep breed of Finland, the Finnsheep.

FinnSheep is native sheep breed of Finland, Lohja, Finland 2020
FinnSheep does not have horns

The genetics of Finnsheep has been investigated and the studies have indicated that the genetically closest relatives to the Finnsheep are the Karelian landrace populations in western Russia.

Last but not least

Before I finish my FinnSheep post here are some photos of Icelandic sheep just for comparison. As you notice Icelandic sheep have horns, which FinnSheep don’t have. Also the shape of the head is different. I shot these photos 2017 when I had one week holiday in Iceland.

Sheep, Iceland, 2017
Iceland 2017
Sheep, Iceland, 2017
Iceland 2017

Thank you for visiting my blog! Hopefully you enjoyed reading my FinnSheep post.

Minna 😊

17 replies to “FinnSheep are Northern speciality

    1. I am learning new every time I am posting something. Info regarding FinnSheep was new for me as well 😑. If I someday decide to be a farmer 😁 I will definitely have FinnSheep!


  1. Great post! We have domestic sheep that look very similar to your Finn Sheep. They are mostly white and rarely there is a black one. They are free range in the mountains and you can run into large herds while hiking. We also have wild Bighorn Sheep that look more like goats.

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    1. Thank you Denise! FinnSheep is exported to other countries so may be it is FinnSheep you have run into it while hiking on the Mountain😊


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