Autumn boat drive and juvenile Grey Heron

Autumn boat drive in Lohjanjärvi was successful as we found juvenile Grey Heron standing on the shore of an island. It was like a statue and lurked motionlessly in ambush waiting for a fish or some small aquatic animals to pass within reach. Or may be it just enjoyed the autumn sunshine.

Grey Heron, juvenile 2020 Finland
Grey Heron, juvenile, Finland 2020

I assume we got too close to the bird as the Grey Heron decided to take off.

Grey Heron, juvenile, Finland 2020

Autumn boat drive

Mid of September we had Aila storm in Western coast and middle of the Finland. On a Finnish scale the storm was heavy: trees fell, roofs were torn off, and households were without electricity for a day or two. Here and there the storm torn leafs and large branches off the trees as happened also in my plot. It was dangerous to be outside.

Aila storm September 2020

In my opinion the storm effected also autumn colors as it torn so many leafs off the trees. This autumn we had mostly yellow trees, dark red were not seen.

I was lucky to get some photos of the autumn colors during our boat trip in Lohjanjärvi mid of October. Now the trees are leafless and we had first snow in the South Finland yesterday. I am waiting for white winter, hopefully we will have it this year.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed my Finnish nature photos 😊

Minna from Finland 😁

21 replies to “Autumn boat drive and juvenile Grey Heron

    1. Thank you Hans! I was lucky to meet the heron. We have some couple living in Lohjanjärvi, so this might be their kid 🙂


    1. Thank you Denise! I was so lucky to meet the heron, usually they are hiding in high grass. This young one sunbathing and easy to photograph as it didn’t move. I also like the island photo😊


  1. Nice series of photos Minna, I especially love the photo of the golden coloured trees on the little island and the rocks in front of them, beautiful shot.

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