Highland cattle and migration of birds

Highland cattle is living in Saltfjärden, where I watched migration of birds during September and October. Thousands of crowns and geese were migrating at the same time. The noice was overwhelming and where ever I watched I saw birds landing, flying or taking off.

Migrating crowns in Saltfjärden Kirkkonummi Finland 2020. Muuttomatkalla olevia kurkia. - @ Minna Jacobson
More than 2,300 resting crowns were counted at Saltfjärden (9/2020)
Geese are migrating in mixed flocks - @ Minna Jacobson
Geese are migrating in mixed flocks
Hawk in Saltfjärden Kirkkonummi Finland 2020 -@ Minna Jacobson
Hawk flying over the field

Highland cattle was grazing in a nearby field

After birds were gone it was silent and depressing. I was happy when I found Highland cattle grazing in a nearby field in Saltfjärden. Off course I wanted to visit them even the way was not the easiest one. We had to crawl under the fence, jump over the deep ditch and be careful of ticks while walking on the high grass. But if was worth the trouble and finally I got some Highland cattle photos!

Highland cattle, Ylämaan karjaa Saltfjärden Kirkkonummi Finland 2020 - @ Minna Jacobson
Highland cattle

Highland cattle is an efficient landscape caretaker

Highland cattle stay outside around the year as it is not suitable for indoor breeding or for cramped outdoor gardens or yard conditions. It is an efficient grazer, and therefore the most suitable for exploiting natural pastures; traditional biotopes, woodlands and wastelands. 

The breed is used in several European countries to manage nature reserves that are sensitive to flora or to help sheep manage pastures in order to maintain a good plant balance in the areas. As a bush grubber, the Highland cattle is incomparable.

Autumn landscape, syksyinen maisema- @ Minna Jacobson

Today we are celebrating St. Lucia’s day in Finland. It is really dark at the moment even St. Lucia is bringing light to us. After 21st of December the days start to be longer and there are only couple of months until we have spring again!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading my Highland cattle and migrating birds post. Take care and Wellcome back.

Minna 😊

15 replies to “Highland cattle and migration of birds

  1. The birds are beautiful. I also love to watch the migration. We have some geese that stay over for Winter so I see small flocks every day which is nice. They fly back and forth from a stretch of water nearby. We don’t have Highland cattle though. I love them! Thanks for the great pictures.

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    1. Thank you Yetismith for a kind comment. In Finland most of the water birds migrate, which is sad. Though ducks and some of the swans stay. Yesterday we saw a huge flock (over one hundred) of common merganser / goosander here at the lake. They are good at fishing. Highland cattle is not originally from Finland so it is imported here from Scotland. It is beautiful animal.


  2. Wonderful post Minna. It looks like you had a wonderful time shooting. Your Highland Cattle look so much like what have here in Colorado, called Yaks. Like your picture shows … all the hair they both have helps with the cold temperatures. All our cattle and horses stay out all year long.

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    1. Thank you Denise, I am glad you liked my post. It was nice autumn day and I was so happy to meet Hihglanders. They were pretty shy and kept quite a distance to me. Highlanders stay out all year around, otherwise our farm animals stay inside during winter. Take care and happy shooting!


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