Do you like spider webs?

Do you like spider webs or not? I like, especially when the moist gets them visible. They are so well woven and usually they are all different from each other.

Spider webs on the top

I woke up early in the morning. June night had been colder than the lake water and so there was fog above the water. I was so tired and wanted to stay at bed, BUT… I love misty mornings as you can read in my previous post Misty mornings in May. I woke up, took my camera and headed into the fields.

The fog was really heavy. Besides the fog there were a lot of mosquitos, spider webs, flowers and ticks (I found one tick attached to me, OUTCH).

Elaborately woven spider web, Lohja Finland
Awesome design on a spider web

Spiders are ready for a catch

When I was wondering around I saw this pretty big spider waiting for the catch in her web. I love nature and especially photographing it’s treasures, but I don’t know the name of the spider or even want to guess it, sorry. If you know what it is, I am happy to hear it 🙂

Spider waiting for a catch in its web, Lohja Finland
Waiting for a catch in a spider web
Spider waiting for a catch in its web, Lohja Finland
Still waiting for a catch in a spider web

Here is another spider hiding behind the hay stalk. It is ready to attack the pray!

Spider hiding behind a stalk, Lohja Finland
Cunning spider hiding behind a stalk

Flowers attached to the spiders webs

Spider webs were everywhere. Mainly they were found on the hay stalk but also on flowers. Here are two flowers attached to the spider webs.

Spider web attached to the flower, Lohja Finland
Spider web attached to the flower
Flowers connected to each other with a spider web, Lohja Finland
Flowers connected to each other with a spider web

Next week June ends and we are middle of the summer. I have enjoyed this summer a lot as I have isolated myself form Corona virus into Lohja. The nature is so beautiful and unique here. I have followed the change of seasons from spring into the summer and you can find some moments in my blog.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you liked my post of spider webs.

Have a great time and take care of yourself!

Minna from Finland 😊

20 replies to “Do you like spider webs?

  1. Spider webs are beautiful. I have a phobia about spiders. They give me the creeps but I am OK with little ones. The bigger ones I try to encourage to leave, or at least to stay away from the cats that will eat them! I know it’s irrational and I am not afraid of them, I just don’t want them to touch me.

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    1. I have the same. If the spiders, big ones, touch me I am screaming 😂 Usually they don’t harm you, but there are even in Finland some spiders that bite. Not nice 😏


  2. They are fantastic constructers. I’m not really sure about the spiders, need one or to more pictures on each. If you join the Swedish FB-group “spindelnätet” I’m sure someone can decide the species.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Hans! I agree about their ability.

      I will ask help from spindelnätet, as I realized there are thousands of spiders in the world 😂


  3. Minna, be careful of the ticks. They are especially bad in dense tall grass and can leap a great distance despite being so tiny.
    Nearly every year since I’ve been here I find one has latched on to me while doing yard work, and we have NO tall grass. The ticks are coming in from across the property border which is forest and agricultural on three sides.
    I am currently on antibiotics for a tick bite of two weeks ago, and have taken part I of III of the tick vaccine. Stay well


    1. Thank you Kate! Not nice to hear that you had a tick also and you are on antibiotics. Hopefully you get well 😊

      I am vaccinated and having long sleaves and trouses on the field. But this time cloathing did not help. Ticks are dangerous as they spread both virus and bacteria.
      Take care, Minna


    1. Thank you Saania! I am an enthusiast photographer and love nature. So I started Finnish nature photos -blog this spring. Nice that you like it 🙂


    1. Thank you! I am sure you are able to see, it is only matter of knowing what to look. Next time you are outside at moist or fog, look at bushes, hey or even trees. I am sure you find something new 😊 Have a great week, Minna

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