Four-spotted chaser (ruskohukankorento)

Four-spotted chaser or skimmer, known also as ruskohukankorento (Libellula quadrimaculata) is most common dragonfly in Finland. We have around 60 species of dragonflies living in Finland of which 14 species live as high as in Lapland (here you can find map of Finland).

Copyright Minna Jacobson
Libellula quadrimaculata / Four-spotted chaser / Four-spotted skimmer / Ruskohukankorento

Dragonflies are one of the oldest groups of insects

Did you know that dragonflies are one of the oldest groups of insects. Based on fossil findings, dragonflies have been present for about 325 million years. The Meganeuridae species were as high as 70 centimeters, making them the largest insects ever to have lived on earth.

Copyright Minna Jacobson
Four-spotted chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) has four spots in the wings

Living habitant

I photographed these dragonflies in Porla, Lohja, Finland in sunny (+30C) Sunday afternoon. In Porla are several old fish bonds and as there is water also dragonflies are found there.

Four-spotted dragonflies live in all kind of waters from bays to lakes. The species are also found near streams, but typically occurs most abundantly in overgrown ponds and bays as in Porla.

Young Four-spotted chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) by the Porla pond

Predators eat meat

Dragonflies eat variety of insects, such as flies, barnacles, mosquitoes, aphids and butterflies, sometimes even smaller dragonflies. A dragonfly eats at least one-fifth of its own body weight in one day. In rainy and cold weather, the dragonfly is unable to embark on a predatory flight. Let´s see if they survive over the rain and cold weather we got yesterday, namely temperature dropped 15 degrees and it is raining heavily!

Copyright Minna Jacobson
Dragonflies eat meat as they are predators.


Ready to fly!
Copyright Minna Jacobson
The color of the hind body becomes grayer as Four-spotted chaser gets older
Copyright Minna Jacobson
Four-spotted chaser is very common and very abundant species

I live in Finland, which is a small country in Northern Europe. I am an amateur photographer and love nature. This blog contains stories and photos from Finnish nature. I hope you have enjoyed my dragonfly post!

Take care, Minna 😊

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  1. Thank you Matti! The same to you. We have had heavy rain this morning, so July starts quite rainy. I am happy it´s raining, mother nature needed it!


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