Secret path, harmful Lupine and Dandelion seed ball

Secret path, harmful Lupine and Dandelion seed ball, all photographed one year ago near to my home in Espoo.

Secret path

I found this secret path by accident even I have been walking on it many times before. It is leading to a bird feeding place in Finno bird oasis, where I visit regularly during winter. On a summer evening it looked mysterious and called for photographing!

Secret path Finnoo Espoo Finland
Secret path, Finno 2019 (ISO 400, 200 mm, f/2.8, 1/500 sec)

Finno’s wastewater basin is one of the safest places in Finland to see the rarities as Common moorhen (Liejukana) and Gadwall (Harmaasorsa). I will publish them in my blog soon. In the spring and autumn, many Water birds and Charadrii rest in the pool and in the summer there are f.e. ducklings, Eurasian coot (Nokikana) and Horned grebe (Mustakurkku-uikku). Only in the winter does the silence settle as the pool freezes.

Harmful lupine

Even this flower is so elegant and beautiful, Lupine is classified harmful for Finnish nature and it should be disposed by mowing or digging up from the ground.

Harmful lupine, Finno Espoo Finland 2019
Harmful Lupine, Finno 2019 (ISO 200, 200 mm, f/2.8, 1/1600 sec)

The natural habitat of lupine range from Alaska to Wyoming and Northern California. It was introduced to Europe as an ornamental and feed plant beginning of the 19th century. In the end of the century it was already escaped from the garden into the nature. It spreads easily and nowadays threats f.e. endangered meadow plants.

Lupine has also been classified as harmful in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark.

Dandelion seed ball

I posted Thick, hairy bumblebee and thousand dandelions in which you can find two photos of blooming yellow Dandelions. Here is photo of matured Dandelion ready to spread its seeds all over!

Even Dandelion is a weed, did you know that Dandelion is an edible delicacy. You can use whole plant as a raw material for cooking: leaves, flower buds, freshly burst flowers and even a root. However, the order of eating matters. A good memory rule in collecting wild herbs is that the leaves are always collected before the flower.

Dandelion seed ball, Finno Espoo Finland 2019
Dandelion seed ball, Finno 2019 (ISO 400, 200 mm, f/2.8, 1/3200 sec)

This week we are celebrating midsummer in Finland. I wish you very nice and warm summer or winter, depending on where you live 😊

Best regards, Minna

9 replies to “Secret path, harmful Lupine and Dandelion seed ball

  1. That is very interesting about lupins. I didn’t realise they were harmful. Such pretty flowers too. I would love your bird oasis! Best wishes to you for Midsummer!

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    1. Thank you😊 Yes, lupins are harmful as they spread so heavily and cover places where the natural Finnish flowers have no space to live.

      I will post some photos of the bird oasis, it is unique place. This spring I have been in isolation in Lohja, so I have had any chance to visit there. Have a nice and warm summer 🌞😊

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  2. Wonderful, colorful photos, I did not know either that Lupines were harmful. I’ve seen them growing along waterways where we live in eastern U.S. Love the path photo, it definitely beckons me to want to follow it to see where it goes! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Donna! Lupines are growing also here aside motorways and it was thought that they don’t spread. Nowadays they grow even in the forest 🥴I love the path photo as well. Have a great day and take care !

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  3. Lupines are edible, especially the seeds, and they can repair soil that has been damaged. But yes, they spread very easily and are seen as a threat to native species in many places.

    Enjoy your midsummer festivities. 🙂

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