My favorite village, Fiskars

My favorite village, Fiskars, was founded in the 17th century. Fiskars is an attractive place by any measure: leafy and picturesque, with a collection of handsome industrial buildings and workers’ cottages strung along a gentle river.

Collection of industrial buildings in Fiskars, Finland
Handsome industrial buildings in Fiskars Village

Located by a river

Fiskars is located in the South Finland, about 60 km from Helsinki. Still in the 17ht century one could sail all the way to the village, even with large ships. From those times the sea level has sunk two meters and nowadays it is possible to paddle in the river. During fall sea trout will make its way up the river to spawn. 

Fiskars is located by a river, Finland
Located by a clear water river

Rich nature

While wondering around I entered into this beautiful river bench, where large fern are growing. The water was so clear I could easily see the bottom of the river.

Fiskars has rich nature, sea trout living in the river
Fiskars has rich nature

GrayFish is living in the river as I detected last spring while photographing upper on the river. I was photographing the Rissla rapids and while searching for perfect point for my tripod, I nearly stepped on a GrayFish. Both of us got scared!

Fern by the river bench and GrayFish living in the river
Fern by Fiskars river


Also the fauna is rich. Deer, elk, Capercailie, Black grouse and flying squirrels can be found in the forests. Even lynx and wolves have been spotted in the area. I have met deers and variety of birds in the forests, but other animals are still waiting to be found!

Last Sunday I arrived the village to photograph Damselfly which I detected near the river last summer. After the air cooled down one week ago, the amount of dragonflies has decreased and this time I didn’t find any Damselfly. Instead I found this huge Four-spotted chaser.

Four-spotted chaser, Finland
Four-spotted chaser in Fiskars

More of my dragonfly photos are found here: Four-spotted chaser (ruskohukankorento).

If you are interested in reading more of Fiskars you can found an article in Guardian.

Minna from Finnish Nature 😊

22 replies to “My favorite village, Fiskars

    1. Hello Matti, thank you! I read in that nowadays there is a bus from Karjaa railwaystation to Fiskars, so also w/o car it is possible to access Fiskars.


  1. We have visited Fiskar’s on many occasions previously, but hired @VirveHaahti to provide a guided tour for our summer guests last year. Virve provided extra details which enriched this already wonderful experience, even for us who had been there many times.
    Finland land rise is attributable for so many changes to Finnish medieval and historic settlements. One can see these this at places like Fiskar’s which you document, but also at Raasepori Castle for example. There the land rise has created a nearly 2km distance to the shoreline, which at the time of the castle construction was part of the natural defense of the castle. The land rise made the castle redundant and it was eventually abandoned.

    I guess the question for geologists now would be: Will the pace of Finnish land rise be able to stay sustain and stay ahead of sea level increases due to climate change?

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    1. Interesting question! If I remember right the land rise is some centimeters per year. The climate change may increase the sea level at least 2 meters. So it might be that the land rise is too slow….

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    1. Thank you Donna! Fiskars is so beautiful small village. In the winter Dipper lives there. My first post Have you seen dipper? is shot (most of the photos) in Fiskars. So energetic little bird😁

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  2. Fiskars River looks like a lovely spot to spend some time…and make photographs. Lovely, Minna.

    I just read a quick history of Fiskars Company’s Heritage. I didn’t realize the scissors we use are made in Finland. According to that history, Johan Jacob Julin bought the ironworks and the village. That’s interesting that someone bought a village.


    1. Thank you Steve! In the past it was tradition that a rich man owned iron works and he took care of the village and it’s people. There are other iron works located by that river also and Fiskars is most beautiful and alive! Great day Steve!

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