Rissla – third in my series of Finnish rapids

Rissla is third post in my series of Finnish rapids.

Rissla rapids is definitely the most beautiful rapids I have ever seen. Besides the white water the green moss has beautifully covered the trunks of the trees and stones along the creek: the white-green color combination is amazing.

Rissla rapids, rocks covered with moss

Rissla is located near my favorite village, Fiskars

Rissla river is located near my favorite village Fiskars. Rissla gets its water from the Lake Myllyjärvi, which I photographed last winter in sunny afternoon. As the sun warmed the ice, it expanded and made really scary sound! The ice was screaming…

I found Rissla in Kim Simonsson´s book The Moss People. The photo showing a green statue in a river was so amazing that I decided to find the place of photography. I was lucky to meet the artist in Fiskars and found out that the place of photography was Rissla river.

I am pretty sure that Kim Simonsson has gotten inspiration to his statues from the moss covered rocks and trunks by the river.

Rissla is the highest rapids in Southern Finland

The slope of Rissla river is pretty steep and full of rocks. It it quite demanding to climb the slop up especially with a heavy camera backpack. But the climbing is worth the effort as on the top of the hill you can see the beautiful Rissla river and its rapids.

Rissla is the highest rapids in Southern Finland, it rises 18 meters in 100 meters
Rissla rapids, white and green color combination

Rissla rapids has been used for production of electricity

Rissla rapids starts from an old dam, which once regulated the height of Lake Myllyjärvi. You can walk on the dam, although at your own risk in the absence of railings on both sides of the dam.

In 1899, a dam and an electric power plant were built on Rissla. The electricity was produced for the Fiskars ironworks. Water was led from the dam to the turbine by an 80 cm thick wooden pipe. The pipe and the turbine building are destroyed, but the stone foundations of the pipe are still in place.

More water to the Rissla river has been led from Lake Pitkäjärvi
The stone foundations of the water pipe are still in place

In my series of Finnish rapids:

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